1994 - The foundation of the company. Shipping of metal from Kazakhstan to Russia was the first step of the company.

1995 - The company started its activity in the chemical area supplying all leading producers with calcium carbide.

1997 - The company ended the delivery of metal and focused on chemical business.

1999 -  The company expanded the range of goods essentially effecting deliveries in the country’s territory and setting up new contracts with international partners (from CIS)

2002 - The company was divided into several departments: performing activity in the area of industrial Chemicals (Vasteco Chemicals)  and in building construction ( Vasteco Construction).

2003 -The first representative offices and warehouses in Moscow and Perm are opened.

2004 - The company became an official partner of IKA WERKE (the world leader on manufacture of industrial and laboratory equipment). At present the area Vasteco Technics is successfully developing.

2005 - The first dwelling house was started to build in Nizhny Novgorod and this project was successfully ended in 2007.

2007 - The company had good base to provide warehousing.

2007 - The concept of essentially new business hotel was worked out and put into practice the project of hotels belonging to category 4* in Nizhny Novgorod. www.loungestreet.net

2009 - The production of melted butter was started which was launched on the market as “Sattvik”. Now the production of ecologically pure goods is developing and known as VASTECO Produce. The company’s own production department was built in 2010.

2009 - Architectural building was begun in Germany. The main goal of Vasteco Construction is to build in accordance with nature laws combining with modern techniques. Traditional art of architecture and innovative techniques supplement each other in a harmonious way in the objects which are built by Vasteco Construction.

2009 - Meeting with children from orphanage number 6 of Nizhny Novgorod initiated noncommercial activity of business VASTECO Wellspring. The main goal of this activity is to support and put into practice social projects.

2010 - a unique laboratory provided with pilot plant was founded. The laboratory lets do all kinds of tests and experiments to perfect formulas and new products for clients in Russia and outside the country.

2010 - The first step of dwelling houses in the south-west of Germany was realized.

2011 - VASTECO Holding was organized and united all activities of the company: VASTECO Chemicals, VASTECO Technics, VASTECO Construction, VASTECO Produce, VASTECO Wellspring.

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