About the company

Hello and welcome to official internet website of VASTECO Holding!

VASTECO Holding – is an international diversified company with offices in Russia and Germany.

VASTECO Holding in Russia was founded on the basis of the Group of companies “Himline” and united several activities in different areas.

The company has been doing since 1994. Considerable experience, highly skilled specialists and confidence of a great number of clients let company grow and develop more than 18 years.

At present the main activities of VASTECO Holding are:

Delivery of industrial chemicals (VASTECO Chemicals)

Designing and building of dwelling houses and industrial projects (VASTECO Construction)

Producing of ecologically pure products (VASTECO Produce)

Delivery of laboratory and industrial equipment, the first laboratory IKA in Russia (VASTECO Technics)

Social programmes (VASTECO Wellspring)

Key point of the company is 50 specialists in a variety of activities.

Partners of the company are more than 1000 enterprises in Russia and outside the country and also private individuals who choose our services and products.

VASTECO Holding is thankful to the past years and has serious prospects.

VASTECO Holding is at your service at all times!

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